Alumni Invest Time to Learn About Wine and WoW®

April 2011

Alumni gathered at the Liverpool Embassy in London on Thursday 31st March to enjoy an evening of good company and excellent wine. The event was co-sponsored by Provenance Fine Wines, Kenyon Fraser and Wine Bear.

The Liverpool Embassy is an initiative that promotes the city’s commercial and business offer and enabled alumni to sample a piece of Liverpool in the capital. Access to the venue was facilitated through LJMU alumnus James Dunningham who works for Embassy sponsor Kenyon Fraser.

After Chris Heyes from the Embassy welcomed the guests, LJMU Alumni Relations Manager Mark Williams said the University is scaling up the level of engagement with the World of Work (WoW®) Skills Certificate and requested alumni to help the University as one of our growing number of WoW® Certificate Employer Verifiers or by offering work placements or internships to a member of our current student body. The requests emphasised LJMU’s commitment to preparing its graduates for the workplace.

LJMU alumnus Adrian Lenagan, Owner of co-sponsor Provenance Fine Wines taught us about the nuances of the wine investment industry before a colleague from Wine Bear taught us how to taste wine like a professional.

Guests went away with the taste of fine wine and a number of good humoured tips that included ‘if the wine does not smell of wine then that’s not good’ and holding the glass by the stem ensures you do not look ‘like an amateur’!

For images of the evening please visit the photo gallery.

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