IT Student Study Skills

IT Study Skills

Student study skills workshops

Improving your I.T. Skills

Our experts will guide you through the range of Information Technology (I.T.) resources available, both throughout the University and off-campus.  They can help you choose the best I.T. resources for your assignments, aid your preparation for the perfect presentation, or simply show you how to construct your essay for maximum impact.
Free Workshops
Semesterly workshop topics may include:
Microsoft 'PowerPoint' - Presentation techniques to best effect.
Understanding Microsoft 'Word', and making the most of it.
Microsoft 'Excel' - An introduction to creating and presenting data.
'Dreamweaver CS5' - Help with designing Web pages and Web site management. 
Using 'EndNote' as a reference management system for long documents.
Microsoft 'Publisher' - Producing graphics, posters, and flyers.
Microsoft 'Project' - Introduction to the basics of Project Planning and how to use the software.
NVivo 10 - Qualitative analysis - Organising qualitative data

Timetable for the I.T. Skills sessions
To reserve a place on a workshop please send an e-mail to, or contact Andrew Fox on 0151 904 6066.
Please give the date, title and location of the workshop you wish to attend, your six figure Student I.D./Person number, and L.J.M.U. e-mail address.
Please note: Workshop spaces are limited and will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.


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