Attendance Policy

Notice of Meetings

  1. The University Secretary undertakes to give clear and reasonable notice of scheduled Board and Committee meetings through the annual publication of the University Calendar. Members are expected to note these dates as soon as they are published.

  2. At a designated Board meeting, normally during the Spring cycle, the Board will receive the draft calendar for the forthcoming academic year. Preferences of members will be accounted for fully in this process.

  3. Members who have long-term commitments, which coincide with the dates published in the University calendar should notify the University Secretary, who will consider whether it may be advisable to amend the proposed date.

  4. From time to time it will be necessary to reschedule or call special meetings of the Board or Committees. The University Secretary undertakes to provide where possible several alternative dates (for which the Chair is available) to enable members to indicate their availability. The most acceptable date for the majority of members will be confirmed. The calling of meetings at short notice, which may have proved difficult for individual members to attend, will be taken into account when attendance patterns are analysed.

Page last modified 17 November 2005.

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