Attendance Policy

Below Standard Attendance

  1. In the event of a member being unable to meet the expected attendance standard it will be the responsibility of the Chair to discuss the matter with the member concerned.

  2. The discussion would consider the circumstances preventing regular attendance and determine the appropriate course of action from the following options:

    i) the member to give an undertaking to improve their attendance to the defined standard for the new session or, if not possible;

    ii) the withdrawal of the member's right of automatic progression for a second term;

    iii) the withdrawal of a member's right to stand for a third term;

    iv) the immediate and mutual termination of the member's period of office.

    The outcome of the discussion would be reported to the next meeting of the Nominations Committee and noted in the minutes.

  3. In the event of the matter not being resolved at the discussion stage, it would be referred to Nominations Committee for ruling.

  4. Under normal circumstances, poor attendance due to sickness or other prolonged absences acceptable to the Chair, would be exempt from this policy.

Page last modified 17 November 2005.

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