Mentoring as part of Induction of New Governors

  • In choosing an appropriate Governor to act as Mentor, the following alternative criteria or combination of criteria could be used:
-  By Identifying the specific skills, knowledge and experience gaps of the new Governor
-  Choosing a Governor who is from a similar professional background and able to identify with the Governor’s needs
-  Allocating an experienced Governor from a Committee of the Board that the new Governor is expected to join.
  • The matching of mentor and mentee should be sensitive to issues of background and personal circumstances in line with LJMU’s commitment to diversity and personal development.

  • There should be an initial meeting between the mentor and mentee to clarify the level and nature of the advice and support needed/wanted.  This would provide an opportunity to decide how the two will work together, such as whether there will be a benefit in meeting informally or formally outside of Board of Governors/Committee meetings.

  • The mentor should ensure that the Governor induction process has been followed and that the new Governor has received all the essential information which is provided upon appointment and has attended his/her induction sessions, or that they have been arranged.

  • Areas where the mentor can provide support and assistance include:
-  Providing guidance on the culture of LJMU
-  Explaining Board and Committee meeting protocols
-  Providing feedback on own personal experience

-  Sitting alongside mentee at meetings and offer any advice/ information as needed during the meeting
-  Recommending relevant sources of information such as previous board papers or appropriate member of staff
-  Assisting in identifying opportunities for involvement in LJMU outside formal meetings
-  Encouraging attendance at Board and Committee meetings and other University events
  • The mentoring system will be supported as necessary by the University Secretary and the Secretariat Team.

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