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We offer a first class education supported by excellent learning resources and training facilities, both within the university itself and in our partner organisations.

Smaller lecture theatre Tithebarn Street

Simulation Centres

LJMU works closely with local NHS Trusts to ensure that our nine simulation centres are equipped with state-of-the art technology and equipment, from electronic beds to resuscitation machines and crash trolleys to elbow taps. Even the signage and non-slip flooring are designed according to hospital standards. Recent facilities include a birthing unit and a bariatric suite designed for clinically obese patients.

Patient simulators such as ’SimMan’, ‘SimChild’ and ‘SimBaby’ help nursing, midwifery and paramedic students develop essential clinical skills and gain confidence in professional practice before engaging with real patients out on the wards. The patient simulators can be programmed to help students develop specific skills for dealing with a range of health problems, including breathing difficulties, raised blood pressure and even heart attacks.

IT and Learning Resources

Our IT facilities are outstanding, with dedicated computing facilities supplementing those in the Avril Robarts Learning Resource Centre. The Learning Resource Centre is conveniently located right next to the Faculty’s main teaching areas, allowing students easy access to study resources.

The Faculty’s Social Learning Zone combines the best aspects of traditional study environments with the power and flexibility of new information and learning technologies. Clearly defined 'zones' offer students the choice of informal seating areas, individual study desks and networked PCs as well as semi-enclosed areas or pods for group work. Quiet or silent study zones enable students and staff to complete background reading, research and other work without being disturbed.

The Faculty also offers a student zone called ‘The Space’ which offers a comfortable environment for students to study in either alone or as part of a group. The Space has IT facilities, seminar rooms and comfortable seating areas.

Counselling Rooms

Our three private counselling rooms enable counselling and mental health students to perform, record and playback role-play scenarios. These rooms also feature two way mirrors, allowing observation and innovative teaching. This environment enables students to gain interpersonal skills, deepen learning and measure progress.

Lecture Theatres

The Faculty of Health features four lectures theatres, with capacities ranging up to two hundred per room. Each room includes dedicated overhead and data projectors and remote access IT facilities. The data projector is capable of projecting enlarged images for video, DVD or PC signals, transmitted remotely from our secure-room. Every room also features our Soundfield System for microphone, PC, video or DVD audio and also Hearing Impaired support.  

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