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From September 2011 I will be teaching the following modules:

American Classics: this module introduces first year students to some of the key works of fiction in the American canon, from Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn to Philip Roth’s American Pastoral, while interrogating the cultural construction of the classic and the concept of literary value.

Modernism Now : a module for students in their second year of the degree, examining modernist literary movements in Europe and America and their interaction with social and cultural transformations in the period.

Evil in America: a final year module investigating the representation and discourse of evil in American culture from 19th century literature to the human catastrophe of World War 2 and the folk devils of the late 20th century – serial killers, paedophiles and terrorists.

English Dissertation: co-ordinator

Research Methods for MRes students in Media, Arts and Social Science: offering research training for all MRes students in the faculty.

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