IT Induction Sessions for Staff

IT Services offers IT Induction sessions to new members of staff at LJMU.

These sessions are designed to give new staff basic information on how computing services are organised at LJMU and what facilities, documentation and help are available. The sessions take place in the workplace at the user's own desktop PC – a member of the user support team will visit for about an hour to explain topics such as:

  • What is meant by a Managed Client PC?
  • Where can I keep my files safely and securely?
  • How can I share files with my colleagues?
  • What software is available in my subject area?
  • How can I access my files and email from home?
  • What software is available for download to my home PC or laptop?
  • How can I have software put on the network for my students to use?
  • What should I do if my computer develops a fault or software doesn’t seem to work?

Information about these sessions is included in the information packs which new staff receive from HR when they start work at LJMU and we would encourage everyone to take advantage of this by booking a session as soon as possible after starting.

It is important to emphasise that as far as an IT induction is concerned the user’s current level of computing expertise is largely irrelevant – the induction is of equal value to a computer expert or a relative novice, as it is concerned with

  • How we do things at LJMU
  • Where to get help and advice
  • Although primarily intended for new staff, these sessions are also suitable for existing staff who feel they might benefit from a “refresher” on JMU computing basics, as the sessions can be tailored to include any specific questions which users may have.

An IT Induction session can be arranged by phoning the IT Services Helpdesk on extension 5555 or by emailing the helpdesk HERE to make an appointment.

If you can't make it to an Induction or would like a copy of the induction document you can download a copy HERE.

Page last modified 07 April 2014.

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