Services "at risk" periods

CIS attempt to provide continuous (24 hours per day, 7 days per week) availability of the University computer service. When hardware and software upgrades are required these are scheduled well in advance, in consultation with users, to occur at times which minimise the inconvenience caused.

However, sometimes it is necessary to undertake emergency upgrades for which minimal advance notice can be given. Typically these are to take pre-emptive action to secure services against virus or worm attacks, or to replace hardware components which have been detected as "due to fail" by our monitoring systems.

Such activities which cannot be scheduled well in advance, will henceforth be undertaken on Tuesdays between 6am and 8am. For this period the availability of the computing services must be considered "at risk". Although on most occasions services will continue to be available as normal during the "at risk" period, users are advised to plan their activities with the potential non-availability of services in mind.

The timing of the "at risk" period has been selected to coincide with the JANET "at risk" period which is Tuesdays between 7am and 9am. (JANET provides our internet access).

Whenever possible, advanced warning of non-availability of systems during the "at risk" period will be given on the front page of the LJMU web site.

Page last modified 11 August 2011.

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