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Microsoft Office Word 2007 splash screenWhat's new?

User Interface.

As one of the applications to benefit from the new Fluent user interface, as soon as you log in to Microsoft Word 2007 the new Ribbon and Office Button are immediately apparent. Menu items have been replaced by the Ribbon, with related options grouped together, and the File menu has been replaced by the Office button, which contains the links to operations such as opening, closing, saving and printing files.

As it may not be immediately obvious as to where a command is in Word 2007, Microsoft have put together an interactive Word 2003 to Word 2007 command reference guide. Fully interactive, simply point to the menu or button in Word 2003, and the animation will display the new location of the command in Word 2007.

Click here to go to the Interactive: Word 2003 to Word 2007 command reference guide

File Formats.

Word Save As Dialog oboxBy default, Word 2007 saves in the new file format introduced in Office 2007 which is based on XML, called Microsoft Office Open XML Formats. This new file format offers considerable savings in file size, as it automatically compresses the document, producing files that may be up to 75% smaller. To distinguish the new format from earlier version, the file extensions are now .docx and .docm. The x signifies an XML file that has no macros, and the m signifies an XML file that does contain macros.

If you want your document to be opened and edited in an earlier version of Word, then simply change the Save as type: option to Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc) when saving your file. Please note that some of the advanced formatting features introduced in Word 2007 will not be available.

Find out more about the new Office 2007 file formats on the Microsoft website.

Enhanced document formatting.

Screen shot of the Styles section of the RibbonWord 2007 now makes it easier to apply a consistent look and feel to a document, with a number of built in templates and themes that can be applied by a single click. Styles are displayed on the Ribbon before being applied to the document, (as shown in the image, right). In addition, the chart and diagram features have been improved, and images can now have a number of artistic styles applied.

Find out more on the Microsoft website

Create PDF files without using Adobe Acrobat.

Word 2007 allows users to create PDF documents to be created without having to install Acrobat writer, or any other 3rd party products. Simply choose the Save As option, and then choose PDF or XPS and follow the on screen prompts. 

Learning more about Word 2007

We have compiled an extensive range of support material covering Word 2007, including paper based documentation and online interactive guides. In addition, Learning and Information Services will provide training during the coming academic year. Find the information you need by using the links in the Help and Support column on the right hand side of this page.

Getting Office 2007.

All student PCs will automatically be upgraded to Office 2007 over summer 2008, and will be available to staff from June. If you're a member of staff and would like to install Office 2007 on your home PC, then visit the Home Use software pages to find out how.

Page last modified 11 August 2011.

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