Fileshares v Document Libraries

File shares

In some ways, file shares are very similar to document libraries, in that they both allow people with the correct permissions, to access files stored on a server. Currently, if a group of staff need to work on, or access the same files, a shared area of filestore or file share can be set up on the network. This works in a similar way to your Personal Filestore (M drive) - however, the file share can be accessed by more than one person. It is much more efficient than other ways of sharing files (e.g. passing memory sticks around the office).

If a file share is required, you would need to provide us with:

  • A list of usernames of staff who require full access to the file share (i.e. the ability to create, modify and delete files).
  • A list of usernames of any staff who require read-only access to the file share (i.e. the ability to read files but not to change or delete them)

Further details on file shares can be found on the File Storage facilities page under the heading Shared File Storage

Document Libraries

As previously described on the How can SharePoint be used? and What advantages does SharePoint bring? pages, a document library can be used, in its most simple form, as a place for your group documents to be located. However, a document library can make the management and administration of documents far easier than a simple file share. Check in / out, versioning, enhanced search functionality via custom metadata, together with the extra control available to you as a site owner, all make document libraries the obvious choice for the location of your group documents.  SharePoint also is the only facility we offer which allows people external to the university to collaborate on a project.  


Page last modified 20 January 2015.

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