Wireless and docking points setup guide

Get connected

Either select eduroam from the Wi-Fi dropdown in the menu bar (you may need to select Turn AirPort On first)


  Or open System Preferences


  From Internet & Network, select Network.


   Check that Wi-Fi is selected, turn Wi-Fi On


   From the Network Name: drop down box select eduroam


 In the dialogue box that opens:

o    Enter your username (username@ljmu.ac.uk) in the User Name box

o    Enter your password in the Password box

o    Tick Remember this network if it not already ticked

o    Select OK 

  If you are connecting to the wireless network for the first time you should then be prompted to accept the certificate which will ensure your password details are exchanged by a secure method, to proceed click on the 'Show Certificate' button.

 In the Verify Certificate dialogue box:


Select Show Certificate, in the expanded box the chain should look as indicated below.

  • Select the triangle by Trust
  • Set When using this certificate to Always Trust (this will automatically change the other settings)


then select Continue 

In the confirmation box that appears type your Mac OS X Administrator username and password then select OK:


  If you started by opening the System Preferences, you will be dropped back into the Network pane, where you can see you are authenticated.


                         In order to automatically connect to eduroam you need to have this set as your preferred network; to do this select Advanced and, in the Wi-Fi tab drag eduroam to the top of the Preferred Networks list then select OK:


                        Select Apply and close the window by selecting the x in the top left of the window (which will turn red when you mouse to it).

You should now be connected to eduroam.

Page last modified 01 October 2013.

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