Bedroom Farce

Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn

25th – 26th March, Joe H Makin Drama Centre

Ayckbourn’s fast paced comedy involving four couples in various stages of their relationships. Ernest and Delia go out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary. When this is a failure they return home and prepare to celebrate with pilchards on toast in bed. Malcolm and Kate are preparing a house warming party: Nick and Jan have been invited to this but Nick has hurt his back while putting his socks on and prepares to rest in bed quietly. 

All three preparations are doomed to disaster by the marital problems of Trevor and Susannah leaving chaos in their wake. The action takes place in three bedrooms which are presented simultaneously onstage and the action flows in and out from one to another almost cinematically, during this hectic night of destruction, violence and Cornish pasties.

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