About the centre

About Lairdside Maritime Centre

History of the Centre

Image of Lairdside Maritime CentreContracts for the Lairdside Maritime Centre simulator were placed in September 1999 with construction and installation of the new custom-built simulator facility taking place in early 2000 and final completion on-target in July 2000.

Software installation, development and proving trials continued with the new Liverpool Area Database ready for the Official Opening in September 2000.

The Lairdside Maritime Centre is part of Liverpool John Moores University.

The University has an extensive maritime history with experience in the training and development of Maritime Professionals, Deck Officers and Marine Engineers, and the provision of Graduate and Postgraduate Degree courses in the Maritime and Transport Industries. With a proven background in simulation training the University contracted to replace an original simulator with the aim of leading the way in UK Maritime Simulation in the 21st Century.

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