Dr Colm Bowe

Dr Colm Bowe
Job Title Lecturer in Plant and Environmental Science, Programme Leader Wildlife Conservation
Telephone +44 (0)151 231 2133
Email Address @ljmu.ac.uk


Contact Address 350b James Parsons Building
School of Natural Sciences and Psychology
Liverpool John Moores University
Byrom Street
L3 3AF

Research interests:

Natural capital, Ecosystem services, Valuing externalities, Plant Genetic Resources, Underutilized Crops, Species Distribution Modelling.

Recent research has focused on biophysical quantification and economic valuation of business externalities from agricultural supply chains (production). Ongoing work also includes valuing visual amenity of green space. I have written a number or articles on the promotion of underutilised crops and earlier research focused on modelling the distribution of underutilised species under current and future climates. I am also interested in use of information dissemination and technology transfer for international development. I have produced a number of training manuals, factsheets and newsletter aimed a wide range of stakeholders from farmers to scientists.


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Grants Obtained:

Title, Awarding Body and Year Role Amount
NERC - Valuing Nature Network + CISL,  Right Values for Externalities/Valuing Externalities in a Business Context 2012 PI £6000


Module Leader:

  • 5001NATSCI Plant Sciences
  • 6015NATSCI Sustainable Natural Heritage


  • 4000NATSCI Fundamentals of Scientific Research
  • 4105NATSCI Environment Society and Sustainability
  • 5001NATSCI Plant Science
  • 5006NATSCI Ecological Field Skills
  • 5012NATSCI Research Methods for Bioscience
  • 5110NATSCI Globalisation and Development
  • 5113NATSCI Environmental Systems and Human Impacts
  • 6000NATSCI Research Project
  • 6015NATSCI Sustainable Natural Heritage
  • 6111NATSCI Environmental Management and Consultancy
  • 7000MCPHAR Advances in Phototherapy

Research interests:

Valuing Natural Capital: Some of my recent research has focused on quantifying impacts on natural capital in business supply chains, the agricultural/energy sector and the built environment.

  • I have recently been working on the VNN Valuing Externalities in a Business Context projects, run by the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and supported by the Valuing Nature Network. My work in this project has informed and was the worked example in the CPSL E.VALU.ATE Manual (see news story on VNN website http://www.valuing-nature.net/news/2013/sabmiller-reveals-environmental-externality-benefits). This involved working with businesses to value externalities with their supply chains (agricultural production) and the impacts of management decisions this work has lead to a number of publications (Bowe et al 2013) including a Nature Climate Change article by Andy Wales VP Sustainability SABMiller (Wales 2014) which discuss valuing externalities within the context of the water-food-energy nexus.
  • Other ongoing work on valuing ecosystem services and natural capital include:
    • valuing the visual amenity of green infrastructure in built environments

Agriculture, underutilised crops and biofuels: I have also been working on underutilised crops. I have developed an understanding of the promotion, production, domestication and market development for crops which can meet our food, medicinal, material and energy need. This includes work on fruit tree species (Tamarindus indica) and biofuel species such as Jatropha curcas. I have used models to identify the suitable locations for production of such species under future and current climates for both. I am also involved in assessing the genetic diversity of wild lettuce populations in the UK

Other work includes paleo-distribution modelling of lizards in North Africa.

Professional Qualifications:

  • 2007 PhD Plant Ecology, University of Southampton
  • 2001 BSc Environmental Management, Durham University
Current Post:
  • Lecturer in Plant and Environmental Science
  • Programme Leader Wildlife Conservation
Previous Posts:
  • 2006 – 2010 Research Fellow University of Southampton - FP6 EU projects
Institutional Responsibilities:
  • Programme Leader BSc Wildlife Conservation

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