100m Upstream of Manor Bridge [SD 694 746]

Looking at the Panorama below you can see a short mined tunnel (adit) in the far bank. This was dug in a fruitless search for lead ore along the fault.

  • What do you notice about the colour of the rock to the left of the tunnel.
  • Is the rock to the right the same colour?
  • What do your observations suggest about the differences in the rock on either side of the tunnel?

At this point the River Twiss follows the line of the North Craven Fault, one of the largest earth fractures in this region. You are now looking at one of several branches of this complex fault.

To the left of the tunnel you should notice that the rock is lighter in colour and is Carboniferous Limestone.

To the right of the tunnel is a wedge of the late Ordovician shale.
The shale is about 100 million years older than the limestone, having originated as mud deposits on the floor of the late Ordovician sea.


Hold down left button and move mouse to control panorama. Clicking on the + or - at the bottom of the movie will zoom in or out



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