Online Module Selection: It's started

18 March 2011

All students who need to take part in this year’s Online Module Selection process will have received an email from the University today (21 March). So if you haven’t already done so please check your LJMU account for details.

If you are taking part, you need to talk to your Programme Leader or Module Tutors to find out what option modules are being offered next year and more importantly which ones are appropriate to your study route and any associated professional accreditations.

If you chose the wrong modules you will have to re-register for all your modules when you come back to LJMU in September. Incorrect registration will also delay your loan payments, so mistakes could cost you time and money.

If you have any questions about what modules you should select or how to complete OMS, contact the Transaction Desk in the Student Zone of your Learning Resource Centre or email

A full list of participating programmes will be published online shortly.

For more details on LJMU's new 24 credit modules for undergraduate courses, click here:


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