Using video to enhance course marketing

11 August 2011


A video can be a very powerful way of marketing your course and is often more compelling and attractive to potential students than text and images alone. It is much easier for your audience to engage with video and it leaves them with a more memorable impression of what they can expect from the course and the University. A recent study by Forrester Research reports that only 20% of web visitors will read the majority of text on a website, but 80% will watch the same content when presented in the form of a video.

Our aim is to have a video embedded on each and every LJMU course web page so that students can get a real feel for the course. The video doesn’t have to be professionally produced or ambitious in scope – it can be as simple as a current or former student talking about their experiences, or a course leader giving a brief overview. 

To see an example of how video is embedded into the new enhanced course web pages, go to any undergraduate course and click on the ‘finance/fees’ tab. You will be able to view the video that is embedded in this section on every course page.

As well as presenting our course videos on the LJMU website, we will also promote them on various other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iTunes U (in preparation). This helps to widen the reach of our marketing messages and makes them easier for people to find.

Get involved

If you would like to have a video for your course and need assistance in producing it, help is available – either through Corporate Communications or via the network of new media producers spread across the faculties. In either case please email if you would like to get involved.

To view LJMU’s marketing videos have a browse through the LJMU TV section of the website at or you can view the entire collection on the LJMU YouTube channel. These videos can be embedded on appropriate LJMU web pages, so if you have any ideas, please let us know.

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