Complete your registration for 2011-2012 academic year

15 September 2011

This is the second stage of the registration process, and follows earlier email correspondence on 8 August when returning students were asked to check their personal and programme details using the Student Information System.

If you haven’t already completed these checks you need to do so as soon as possible – click here to log into the Student Information System using your LJMU username and password.

If you have checked and updated your record, many thanks. Now you need to complete the registration process.

Confirm that you will be attending the University this year

This is called the Activate Arrival process and triggers the release of any student funding you may be entitled to. It also confirms that you can have access to teaching and learning materials on Blackboard for all the modules you’ll be studying this year. To complete this step, log on to the Student Information System and click ‘Activate Arrival’ – it’s that simple.

Check your Planner on the Student Information System

  1. Now that you are logged on to SIS, you need to check that you are registered on the right core and option modules for this academic year. Please note, you are not enrolling on your modules - this process will be completed by the University.
  2. Go to ‘Student Center’ and click the ‘Plan’ link in the Academics section (top left hand corner of the Student Center).
  3. This will bring up your ‘Planner’ for the 2011-2012 academic year. This list should include all of the core modules you will be studying plus any option choices you made during last year’s Online Module Selection.
  4. You should now select the ‘Plan by my Requirements’ button. This will bring up a complete list of all the modules you have already completed on your programme plus a list of your new core and option modules for this academic year.
  5. All of the modules you’ve completed and the credit awarded should be listed in your Planner. If any of your ‘historic’ module data is wrong, don’t panic. This will not affect your enrolment or your final award mark. It’s probably because we are still copying the final batch of records to the new Student Information System. If you do spot any mistakes, please email stating your name, student ID number and programme plus details on what the problems are.
  6. Scroll down the Planner until you come to what you’ll be studying this year. 
  7. Core modules: Please check that these are correct. If they aren’t, email Option modules: Any choices you made as part of last year’s Online Module Selection (OMS) will be flagged by a blue star. If you didn’t complete OMS or you would like to change your option modules you can do this now.
  8. Changing/selecting option modules: Click on ‘Course Description’ to bring up further information about a module. Click ‘Add to Planner’ if you want to study it this year. Remember, you can always ask advice from your tutors before making your selection.
  9. A confirmation message will appear saying it has been added to your Planner. To select further option modules, click the ‘Return to Plan by Requirements’ link.

To download a Student User Guide on the process, please go to:

Please note: students from the Faculty of Health and Applied Social Sciences should not complete this step until advised to do by the University - please check your LJMU email account for further details.


  • You are not enrolling on your modules so please do not click on the 'Enroll on my classes'.
  • Make sure you only select enough option modules to satisfy your credit requirements – for example, if you need 48 credits, only select two 24 credit option modules. Full details on the number of credits you need will be specified in your Planner.
  • Your modules will be grouped according to levels of study using the new National Qualifications Framework (NQF). So your level 1 modules will be listed under NQF 4, level 2 modules under NQF 5 and so on. Click here for more details on the NQF.

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