Vaccinations and Travel Advice

Vaccinations and travel advice

The Occupational Health Unit can offer vaccinations and travel advice for staff travelling to any international destination outside Western Europe and North America on University business.  You should apply for health clearance at least 6 weeks before intending to travel.

Please contact the Occupational Health Unit on 231 3319 or contact us by e-mail on: . We will send you a travel form for your line manager to complete, requesting precise details of the dates, duration and destinations.

If you are in good health and travelling only for a few days to a major city for a conference or meeting, staying in reputable accommodation, then your risks of most infections will be very small.  If you may be living and working in places with poor hygiene or sanitation, you may require vaccination.

Vaccinations should always be considered when travelling to areas outside Western Europe and North America.  Departments will be responsible for the costs of any required vaccinations.  Irrespective of whether vaccines are recommended for travel to a specific location, appropriate advice should be sought before travelling.

For further information about recommendations for countries you are visiting, check the National Travel Health Network and Centre at

Page last modified 25 September 2012.

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