1. Authority to allocate postgraduate fee waivers to research students is devolved to Faculties.

2. Deans of Faculty may delegate authority for decision making to Directors of Schools or Chairs of Faculty Research Degrees Committees as they deem appropriate under local arrangements.

3. The LJMU Staff Sponsorship Policy covers LJMU staff undertaking PART-TIME research degrees. The current policy can be found at the following web address:

Please note that the Postgraduate Research Student Fee Waiver Application Form must be used by all staff and students.

4. Deans may grant fee waivers for FULL-TIME research students and PART-TIME research students not covered by point 3 above provided that:
(a) there is a clear audit trail for all such decisions;
(b) it is possible to monitor the level of fee waivers against previous years.

5. WRITING-UP fees cannot be waived. Such fees must be paid either by the student, their home School/Faculty or some other sponsor. Those students who have completed 3 years full-time or 6 years part-time will no longer be eligible and a writing-up fee will be payable for 2014/15.

6. The allocation of fee waivers will be monitored by Financial Services on behalf of the Strategic Management Team.


Page last modified 03 September 2014.

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