Ethical Approval of Invasive Teaching Procedures

Teaching Practices

Where teaching practices involve invasive (physiological or psychological) procedures on human participants eg blood sampling, videoing, administration of personal questionnaires or use of equipment to measure physiological responses JMU REC will provide an ethical opinion on the teaching procedure and associated consent process. Responsible staff eg the relevant programme or module leader should submit the following documentation to the ethics committee secretary for consideration by the REC:

  • An outline of the procedure in question including its purpose, typical use and information regarding storage of any personal data/information collected during the procedure
  • A code of practice for staff / students
  • A sample participant information sheet
  • A sample consent form or, in the case of verbal consent, details of the consent process
  • A copy of any risk assessment undertaken
  • A list of all staff wishing to be approved to supervise or perform the procedure.

The code of practice should ideally describe the procedure in question and address the need for the procedure in the context of the teaching programme, any associated risks and how they will be mitigated, the consent process and what will happen to any personal data which is generated by the procedure.

Following successful review approval for the Code of Practice for teaching purposes will be issued for a maximum period of 3 years.

During the 3 year approval period the named individual for the procedure will be required to notify the REC of:

  • any substantial changes to the procedure
  • the addition or removal of named staff to the approved list
  • any adverse events which occur in relation to the named procedure




Page last modified 21 January 2014.

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