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Measuring Our Performance: ISO14001

The internationally-recognised benchmark for environmental performance is 'ISO14001'. This comprises a set of standards to help organisations identify, manage and reduce their environmental aspects and impacts, provide assurance of compliance with applicable environmental legislation, operate a resource-efficient business and to catalyse transition to a low-carbon operating model.

Our Objectives

Our Environmental Team is committed to playing their part in delivering a resilient institution with campus facilities hosting outstanding teaching and learning environments for our students and staff to experience and enjoy. We have started embedding sustainability across LJMU and are actively working to achieve environmental excellence by following the EcoCampus ISO14001 equivalence pathway. LJMU believe that it is important to provide excellent academic programmes and to support and inform continuing life skills development for all members of the LJMU community. To find out more about what we do click here or view our LJMU Environmental Policy.

Page last modified 06 October 2014.

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