Mediation is a process by which an impartial third party assists people in a dispute to explore and understand their differences and, if possible, to settle them.  The parties, not the mediator, dictate the terms of any agreement.

The mediation process is designed to strengthen the ability of individuals, organisations and communities to handle their own conflicts.  The mediator provides a structure for parties to increase honest communication, air emotions and solve problems.

If conflict is not addressed and it intensifies it can start to affect individuals, relationships, tasks, decisions and sometimes whole areas of an organisation.

What is mediation and how does it work?

It is a structured, step by step process, which is confidential and speedy.  There are separate meetings, then a joint session, if appropriate.  Issues are clarified, options are created and win/win solutions are sought.

Mediators remain impartial, non-judgemental, listen and help people to listen to each other.  They create a safe environment to help people to communicate with one another and think more creatively about solutions.

People who have used mediation to resolve conflict in the workplace have found that it helps to clarify misunderstandings, reduces stress, as well as gives them more confidence.  Agreements are made which can help improve future relationships and provide better communication if future problems occur.

Mediation service at LJMU

If you are experiencing conflict and feel that a facilitated intervention with a trained mediator would help, contact your HR Advisor or the HR Manager (Operations).  If the disagreement or conflict is regarded as difficult and not straight forward in nature, contact the Organisation Development Consultant who will discuss the issues with you and provide guidance on the best way to progress resolving the conflict.

The University has guidelines on staff mediation, which can be found on the Human Resources section of the LJMU website.

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