Occupational Health Unit

The University Occupational Health Unit (OHU) provides a service to protect health at work, to assess and advise on fitness for work and to help manage health issues effectively. The OHU supports the University in complying with health and safety law, with employment law and forms part of the University's risk management process.

The Occupational Health Unit also provides a screening and referral service for healthcare students, pharmacy students, social care students, microbiology students and student teachers in line with fitness to practice standards.

Image of StethascopeFitness Assessment: This includes assesment of fitness to work for employees and fitness to train or study for various students including healthcare, teaching and social care students.

Image of COSHH logoHealth Surveillance: The Occupational Health Unit monitors the health of staff where suveillance is required, under Health and Safety legislation.

Image of Passenger Jet AeroplaneVaccinations and Travel advice: The Occupational Health Unit provides vaccinations required for work, or for work in connection with travel overseas.


Image of SpectaclesEyesight tests: VDU users can have eye and eyesight tests arranged by the Occupational Health Unit.  A DSE risk assessment must be undertaken before contacting the OH Unit.



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Treatment Services: LJMU hosts several treatment services which can benefit staff and students.

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