Extenuating Circumstances (EC)

What to do if you are unable to complete an assessment.


Meeting a Deadline

If you need an extension due to ill health, disability or a personal issue, then you need to contact the appropriate staff (normally the person setting the work) in advance of the deadline to request an extension. Normally extensions will be for a few days.  If an extension is not appropriate you will be advised on what other support may be available, which may include an alternative assessment.

Unless you have an Individual Learning Plan that specifies flexible deadlines you will be asked to provide supporting evidence.

Knowing in advance that you are unavailable to take, or submit an assessment at the specified time.

If you know in advance that you are unable to take an assessment (for example, you have been called for Jury Service or are having an operation) then you need to contact the module leader as soon as you know that you are unable to meet a deadline or attend an assessment. 

You will need to apply for Deferred Consideration of the assessment and maybe the module.  Please click on the links for Guidance on the Deferred Consideration Procedures and the Deferred Consideration Form.

Forms should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the assessment and you will need to provide supporting evidence.

Illness or personal circumstances make it impossible for you take an assessment at the specified time

Sudden illness or family bereavement may make it impossible to take an assessment.  In this case contact the module leader immediately.  You may need to complete an Extenuating Circumstances Form if no other support is available or appropriate for you.

Extenuating Circumstances Forms need to be submitted within 5 days of the missed assessment and you must provide supporting evidence.

If the Extenuating Circumstances request is accepted and you have not passed the module you will be given a deferral.  A deferral in the event of failure is the only outcome of a valid extenuating circumstances application.  There is no change to the marks awarded or any further consideration given to the extenuating circumstances at an assessment board.

Please click on the links for Guidance on the Extenuating Circumstances Procedures and the Extenuating Circumstances Form.

If you are experiencing difficulties completing assessments, advice and guidance is available from the Student Advice and Wellbeing Team.


Page last modified 09 January 2012.

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