Academic Appeals

Academic Appeals

All students have the right to appeal against the decision(s) of Assessment Boards.

The Assessment Boards receive individual student assessment profiles (module marks, level progression), make decisions on level completion and progression and make recommendations on awards. In addition Assessment Boards determine any requirements for deferred assessments) and any referral requirements for all students failing module(s) in accordance with the regulations.  Assessment Boards also receive decisions from the Extenuating Circumstances Panels and note any decisions from Academic Misconduct Panels and act accordingly.

The grounds for appeal are strictly limited to the criteria outlined in the Regulations - students cannot submit an Academic Appeal just because they don’t agree with the mark. 

Appeals can only be considered on the grounds that:

  • there has been a material administrative error or;
  • that the assessment in whatever format, was not conducted in accordance with current regulations or;
  • that some other material irregularity has occurred.

There are strict time limits for lodging an Academic Appeal –  within 10 working days of the formal release of results.

Please Note: where a student submits an Academic Appeal and a Formal Complaint at the same time, regarding the same or related substantive issues, the University will normally consider the Formal Complaint first as the outcome of the Complaint may inform consideration of the Academic Appeal.

For detailed information relating to the appeals procedure, please refer to the Academic Framework Regulations Section C9.  

Guidance Notes for Students and the Academic Appeals Forms are accessible by clicking here.

If you require advice on any aspect of the appeals procedure, please contact:

Student Governance 
Kingsway House (Third Floor)
22 Hatton Garden
L3 2AJ
0151 231 8148/8128

Email to:

Independent advice and guidance on Student related procedures is available at The Liverpool Students' Union Advice Centre:

Liverpool Students Union
(0151) 231 4900


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Page last modified 21 October 2014.

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