Important Information for all staff and students

All staff and students should be aware of the following changes to University procedures. Full details can be found by following the relevant links.

Changes to the University Regulations 2011/2012

Important Information:

LJMU’s new Academic Framework comes into operation in the 2011/2012 academic year and replaces the University Modular Framework or UMF, which had been in place for the last ten years.

The Academic Framework Regulations and the main changes from the UMF are available at

The Methods of Practice handbook will be available in September.

The Student Handbook outlines the changes and the Academic Framework Regulations and is available at

Student Policy & Regulation WebPages, associated procedures, forms and guidance notes will be updated from the 1 September 2011 to reflect the Academic Framework Regulations.

Please note that these new regulations are effective in academic year 2011-2012. August referrals and September assessment boards are subject to the UMF regulations.

Changes to the University Student Complaints Procedure (Effective from 1 September 2009)

The LJMU Student Complaints procedure has been reviewed as part of the SPR programme of review of policy & procedures; to ensure that the procedure is fit for purpose & meets internal and external standards.

Revisions have been made in light of local experience and with reference to recommendations in the following external reports:

• Revised QAA Code of Practice on Student Complaints & Academic Appeals.
• NUS report on Institutional Complaints & Appeals procedures
• HEFCE project ‘Improving Dispute Resolution’
• Office of the Independent Adjudicator [OIA] Annual Report, case commentary & responses to individual cases.

The revised procedure has been approved by the Academic Board and represents a clearer, more streamlined process, adhering to the principles of natural justice and maintaining transparency and fairness. The objective being to resolve complaints more speedily and cost effectively, with due consideration for the sensitivity and dignity of all parties.

The revised Students Complaints Procedure, Student Complaint Form and Guidance Notes are available to download here.

Advice and Training for all staff on the new Student Complaints Procedure is available from Student Policy & Regulation.


Changes to the University Personal Mitigating Circumstances [PMC] procedures (2009/2010)

Each year, a number of minor changes / revisions may be made to the UMF Regulations with a major review every 5 years. The University Modular Framework regulations for the 2009/2010 academic session have been approved by the Learning, Teaching & Assessment Panel and will come into effect on 1st September 2009.  These regulations will be published on the LJMU website on that date via:

From 1 September 2009 the timescale and deadlines for submitting a late PMC have been revised.

At present, a ‘late PMC’ is one that is submitted within four months of the meeting of the relevant MAB.  However, as PMC submissions are considered by assessment boards it has been agreed that consideration of such submissions should be independent of the knowledge of assessment board outcomes.  Therefore from 2009/10 the date of the relevant MAB will determine the point at which a PMC may no longer be submitted.  Consequently, the definition of ‘lateness’ will change from ‘four months after the MAB’ to ‘any time prior to the MAB’ after the normal ‘5 working day’ post-assessment PMC submission deadline.

Changes have also been made to the PMC application forms and guidance and full details are available click here


Page last modified 03 August 2011.

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