Gifts and Hospitality Policy

6. Gifts To and From Students

6.1 Given the nature of the professional responsibilities of staff and the unequal power relationship between staff and students, staff are strongly advised not to give gifts/hospitality to or receive gifts/hospitality from students during their period of study.

6.2 A gift / hospitality is sometimes offered by a student to a staff member who is in a position of influence in matters relating to the donor, for example, as an assessor, supervisor or member of an Assessment Board.  In such circumstances, staff are strongly advised not to accept gifts/hospitality from students.  In cases where it is judged that offence might be given by refusal, the member of staff should immediately declare that they have an interest to their line manager.

6.3 Any gifts / hospitality received from students must be entered in the relevant local Register of Gifts and Hospitality.

Page last modified 24 June 2010.

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