Gifts and Hospitality Policy

7. Register of Gifts

7.1 In the interests of transparency, the VC, the Deputy Chief Executives, PVCs and the Deans  must each ensure that local Registers of Gifts and Hospitality are kept within their areas of responsibility. 

7.2 Any member of staff who accepts an offer of a gift or hospitality must ensure this is  recorded in the appropriate Register of Gifts and Hospitality. The following should be specified:

• Nature of gift/hospitality.  In the case of a gift, it should be specified whether it is a personal gift for the recipient or a related party, such as a partner, or a corporate gift accepted by the recipient on behalf of the University. 
• Value of gift / hospitality;
• Name of firm / individual concerned;
• Date gift / hospitality accepted;
• Name of employee.

The entry containing the information should be signed by the recipient of the gift or hospitality, and countersigned by the relevant line manager.

7.3 In the case of Governors, any gifts or hospitality received relating to their connection with LJMU should be recorded in the Register of Gifts and Hospitality held by the University Secretary & Deputy Chief Executive.

Page last modified 07 January 2014.

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