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LJMU Law School students visit the Inner Temple

Six LLB Law students from the School of Law who are planning to pursue a career as barristers were recently invited to the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple's annual student dinner

The Inner Temple is one of the four Inns of Court that UK barristers, pupil barristers and students keen to have a career at the Bar have to join. Alex Jones, Gary Donaldson, Stephanie Chen, Aleisha Edwards, George Lamb and Sharalyn Brackall were the first LJMU students to be invited to this prestigious event.
During the dinner the students had the opportunity to meet and network with members of the Inn, which included senior QCs and judges.
All six students found the event beneficial and insightful. Stephanie Chen, who is the vocational events organiser at the LJMU Student Law Society commented:

“Even though it was imposing surroundings we were all made most welcome by members of Inner Temple. As well as mingling with them at a drinks reception, for each course members of the Inn changed tables, giving the opportunity for the students to meet as many members as possible.”

Alex Jones added:

“All the members were very approachable and helpful. I received a lot of good advice in how to go about entering into a career at the Bar that including them passing on their business cards to us.”

On 17 March members of the LJMU Law School debating team, consisting of Alex Jones, Stephanie Chen, Aleisha Edwards, Gary Donaldson, Tom Riley, Victoria Arogundade and Seun Odukogbe, along with Law School staff Alison Lui and David Lowe, were invited by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple for a field trip to the Inn that included lunch and a tour of the Inn of Court and the Royal Courts of Justice by two of their senior members, High Court judge Sir David May QC and senior barrister Patrick Madden.

Patrick gave the students a tour of the Inn, including the Chapel that contains the tombs of seven Knights Templar. He was impressed with the students and confirmed that the Inn will again co-operate with the debating competition to be run in the 2014/15 academic year, which will include northern-based members of the inn coaching the students in public speaking.

After a tour of the Inn the students had a personal tour given by Sir David May who also arranged a meeting with Lady Justice Hallett, the UK's most senior female judge, and LJMU's Chancellor the Right Honourable Sir Brian Leveson, president of the Queen's Bench Division.

Sir Brian not only talked to the students but took them into his court using his personal entrance, from which the students had a view of his appeal court that many do not have the privilege of seeing.

Commenting on the tour, Gary Donaldson said:

“It was a fantastic tour and we all appreciated Sir David taking time out from his busy schedule to organise and show us around the Courts. It was certainly inspiring and just confirmed for me that a career at the Bar is what I want to do after graduating from LJMU.”

Following the trip and the subsequent application and interview, Alex Jones and Gary Donaldson have been awarded a £5,000 Inner Temple scholarship towards their studies at the Bar for 2014/15.

David Lowe, who is an Academic Fellow of Inner Temple, commented:

“Our association with the Inn is already producing benefits to Law School students as not only are we building closer ties with the legal profession, but the Bar is recognising the quality of students as shown in two of them receiving a Scholarship from Inner Temple, the first ones granted to LJMU students for some time. This is what I hoped would happen as being an academic fellow of the Inn allows me the opportunity to showcase both the academic and skill-based abilities of our students.”

Image: Inner Temple entrance © Cmglee, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

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