Default Retirement Age

Abolition of the Default Retirement Age

The University’s Strategic Management Group agreed at its meeting on 18 January 2011 that as from 1 October 2011, in line with Government legislation, LJMU will no longer operate a compulsory retirement age.

What does this mean?

As from 1 October 2011:

·         Staff will still have access to their pension (TPS, USS & LGPS) from the age of 60 although, depending on the rules of the pension scheme, it may be reduced for early payment

·         Members of staff who wish to retire at 65, or earlier depending on the rules of their pension scheme, can do so. This will be regarded as “termination by mutual consent” or voluntary retirement

·         Managers will still be able to ask an individual who is approaching 65 what their intentions are with regard to retirement (asking what a person’s intentions are is not a detriment)

·         To assist the University with its workforce planning a new process will commence from 6 April 2011. This is in order to ascertain the intentions of staff who are approaching their 65th birthday. This process will be initiated by the Pensions Manager.

Transitional Arrangements

The rules relating to the default retirement age will be repealed on 6 April 2011. From that date the University will be unable to issue new notifications of retirement under the current statutory procedure on or after 6 April 2011.

Retirements that were already in motion before 6 April 2011 can continue through to completion, provided that:

·         a notification of retirement was issued prior to 6 April 2011;

·         the date of retirement falls before 1 October 2011; and

·         the requirements of the statutory retirement procedure are met.



Page last modified 11 March 2011.

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