General Conditions

Section 2

  1. The Board of Governors and the Vice-Chancellor reserve the right under exceptional circumstances to determine any matter which would normally be delegated to others under this Scheme.

  2. Those to whom authority has been delegated shall be expected to identify and refer for decision at an appropriate higher level any sensitive policy or political issue which would otherwise be within his/her competence to determine.

  3. Actual or delegated powers shall only be exercised provided financial provision has been made in the Budgets approved by the Board of Governors.

  4. Failure to meet responsibilities delegated under the Scheme shall render individuals liable to disciplinary action or some other form of sanction as appropriate.

  5. In particular, failure or malpractice with regard to the management of resources relating to devolved resources and budgets may lead to the removal or restriction of authority and/or may result in disciplinary sanction.

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