Section 6

1.    The Vice-Chancellor delegates authority as follows to others as below:

The Deans of Faculty and Strategic Directors

2.1   Suspension and dismissal of staff under the procedures agreed by the Board of Governors.

2.2   Suspension or expulsion of students under the procedures agreed by the Board of Governors.

2.3   Overseeing the University's affairs in the exceptional circumstances of the Vice-Chancellor and all Pro Vice-Chancellors being absent, precise arrangements to be defined in writing by the Vice-Chancellor for each such occasion.

2.4   Adopting the principle of 'Cabinet Responsibility' by taking ownership of the corporate aims, objectives, and collective decisions of the Executive Body and policies of the University's Board of Governors and ensuring that they are implemented and developed consistently.

2.5   The responsibilities laid out in section 6.4 below.

The Deans of Faculty

3.1   Co-ordinating the achievement of the academic and financial objectives set for the Faculties, and line managing the Directors of School within the corporate and faculty strategy.

3.2   Acting as budget holder for all pay and non-pay budgets allocated to the Faculties, and ensuring the management of such budgets in accordance with University policy and Financial Regulations.

3.3   Ensuring optimal management of the physical and human resources within the Faculty.

The Deans of Faculty, Strategic and Operational Directors

4.1   Acting in accordance with University policy and observing its procedures, regulations and any instructions issued by or on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dean, or Strategic Director i.e. Line Manager to whom they report.

4.2   Ensuring that the staff of the Faculty/School/Service understand the main purposes, the essential activities and the annual performance targets set by the respective Officer for the Faculty/School/Service.

4.3   Agreeing with their respective Line Manager the annual performance targets of the Faculty/School/Service.

4.4   Managing the annual budget established for the Faculty/School/Service within the framework of the University Policy and Strategy and, according to the financial regulations of the University; being responsible to the Vice-Chancellor, through their designated Line Manager, for the application of their delegated resources.

4.5   Managing the following matters within the Faculty/School/Service insofar as resources and other constraints permit:

(a) upholding the general morale and efficiency of staff;

(b) training and developing the staff within a framework established by the Vice-Chancellor;

(c) deploying the staff so that their abilities and potential are used to the combined advantage of the University and the staff themselves;

(d) creating an appropriate working environment;

(e) selecting personnel sufficiently qualified for the functions they are expected to perform;

(f) helping staff, whose performance is unsatisfactory, to improve; and when improvement does not take place, initiating appropriate capability proceedings, according to the scheme provided by the Board of Governors;

(g) motivating staff so as to give them job satisfaction and to derive the maximum benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience they have to contribute;

(h) establishing appropriate means of communicating regularly with staff of the Faculty/School/Service

4.6   Keeping at least at the standards approved by the Vice-Chancellor any physical assets, equipment or machinery for which the Faculty/School/Service is responsible.

4.7   Keeping under active review the arrangements for protecting equipment from theft or nuisance, and notifying the Director of Estates and Facilities of any security or building matters that cannot be resolved within the Faculty/School/Service.

4.8   Implementing the duties and responsibilities contained in section 4.4 of the University Health and Safety Policy and seeking the advice of the Health, Safety and Environment team on any matter which cannot be resolved within the Faculty/School/Service.

4.9   Protecting the confidentiality of any information so designated.

4.10  Keeping abreast of professional developments affecting the nature of the Faculty/School/Section and evaluating them with a view to introducing appropriate changes within the Faculty/School/Service.

4.11  Maintaining student and staff discipline within the Faculty/School/Service.

4.12  Suspending staff and students under the procedures agreed by the Board of Governors.

4.13  Chairing Disciplinary Hearings for matters up to, but excluding, the potential dismissal of staff or expulsion of students. (Director of Employment Services and Director of Corporate Services have specific roles in relation to appeals arising from such hearings and would normally reserve their position).

4.14  Promoting and implementing corporate policy within the Faculty/School/Service.

4.15  Using the services of specialist support staff, as appropriate, to strengthen the qualities of the Faculty/School/Service.

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