University Fitness to Practise / Study

Fitness to Practise

For some professional courses the University is required to comment upon a student's fitness to practise a certain range of skills and professional behaviour.  This is entirely separate from any academic judgment issues we are required to make. 

The University has a Fitness to Practise Policy that seeks to ensure consistency of decisions across the University, but in individual cases the assessment will be completed by a Faculty Panel that includes an external member of the relevant professional practice area. 

Students who are assessed as not fit to practise in some capacity may be able to complete a non-professional academic programme at LJMU.

University Fitness to Practise Policy

Guidance Notes for Students and Staff on the Fitness to Practise Procedures

Investigation Protocol


Fitness to Study

Liverpool John Moores University takes the health, safety and well being of all students seriously and seeks to provide an environment that is safe and conducive to study.
In this context, the University has a duty of care to respond appropriately to situations where concerns are raised about a student and it is obliged to take action if a student’s conduct or behaviour presents a risk [to themselves or to others] or where such behaviour results in unreasonable demands being placed on staff, students or others.

The Fitness to Study Policy is intended for use where the behaviour, disruption or risk presented by a student is perceived to be serious or potentially serious.

University Fitness to Study Policy

Under the Fitness to Practise and Fitness to Study procedures the University may temporarily suspend the studies and/or placement of the student.




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