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Study Skills Topics and Learner Development

The LearnHigher website offers a comprehensive set of resources provided by a range of universities:

The Open University offers a number of useful guides and units to 'Skills' through their OpenLearn website:

Writing - Style, Grammar and Punctuation

A comprehensive set of guides on how to write essays is available from 'The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)' website.  It also provides information and exercises about grammar and writing style:

The 'Using English For Academic Purposes' website contains an excellent guide to punctuation, exercises to check your understanding, as well as other guides in support of your academic writing:

The BBC website 'Skillwise' provides a quick and easy guide to grammar and punctuation.  It also contains interactive exercises, and provides immediate feedback for any errors you may have made:

An extensive range of topics are covered on the 'Mantex' website.  They are brief and provide some useful guidance:

General Study Skills Guides available on JMU networked computers

At Liverpool John Moores you have access to a number of applications available from any networked computer.  There are both general and subject specific resources you can access to support your studies.  Click on 'Start' at the bottom left of the computer screen, select 'JMU Applications' and then select the relevant title.

'Key Skills' covers a range of topicss including: Writing Skills, Oral Communication Skills, Visual Communication Skills, Information Skills, Working with Others, IT Skills, Working with numbers, Solving Problems, Improving Learning, Employability.
To access go to 'Training' and select 'Key Skills'

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