One to one, small group and online support

One-to-One and online support

In addition to the scheduled workshop sessions we also offer support to individuals and small groups*. To book a 30 minute or one hour appointment with an advisor you should send an email to , or telephone 0151 231 3048. 

Please provide information about your availability, contact details, and assignment details, i.e. module handbook.  We will not write assignments for you, but we will discuss your concerns and needs, and provide you with advice and resources to assist you with your studies.

You can also email support enquiries to us.  Send your query to, with your preferred contact details, and we will try to answer your request without the need for an appointment.

We are also able to arrange maths and numeracy support sessions.  Further details about this service are available here.

* Staff and resources permitting.

Page last modified 31 January 2014.

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